Album Review: I’m Glad It’s You – The Things I Never Say

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I'm Glad It's You

The Things I Never Say - 6131 Records

The Things I Never Say is the debut album from California’s I’m Glad It’s You, and it’s due for release today, November 4th, via 6131 Records. This is an intimate and expressive release, whilst this is their debut full length it is is not their first release, they released the Daydreams EP at the tail end of last year that gave a taste of what was to come on The Things I Never Say.

I’m Glad It’s You kick off The Things I Never Say with their trademark blend of indie, punk, emo and alt rock with The Things We Lose, which a frantic discordant number with a slightly jangly indie feel to the guitar, the album maintains this approach across the ten cuts contained on The Things I Never Say, but whilst the musical style remains a constant across the album the writing style and tempo varies across each track, which stops this from becoming repetitive or formulaic. As you’d expect with any album that has an emo element incorporated into it’s DNA this is a distinctly heartfelt and personal album, the tracks veer between downbeat numbers and those that seem to be possessed by a curious mania, but all the while seeming to be haunted by their own personal demons.

The album keeps it’s pace up with a fuzzy alt rock style that is topped off with yearning lovelorn vocals, for me The Things I Never Say owes a great debt to nineties alternative and indie, in particular to the likes of Dinosaur Jnr, as well as the obvious and much commented on parallels between I’m Glad It’s You and Joyce Manor. I can’t shake the feeling that The Things I Never Say is just missing that final key ingredient that would make it sparkle, as finer album as it is at the end of the final track I’m left with a feeling that that it didn’t quite fulfil it’s potential, but maybe that’s just me. This is a fine album, especially if you’re tastes are towards to emo side of the punk world, if that is the case then you’ll probably want to give this album a listen and keep an eye on this band.

The Things I Never Say can be ordered via 6131 Records here