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Kali Masi

Wind Instrument - Take This To Heart Records

Kali Masi started life back in 2011 after the members previous outfits had imploded, from the off they blended the punk and hardcore of their youth with the new wave of emo bands that was sweeping their local scene. Since their formation they have built up towards the release of their debut album, Wind Instrument, with a series of single and EP releases, as well as a relentless touring schedule that has seen them criss cross North America, now Wind Instrument is set to be released on the 2nd October via Take This To Heart Records.

Some Friends opens with some very gentle strings before the track explodes into life to deliver a short sharp opener, Wind Instrument is an album that embraces many influences and blends them with their punk influences. Tracks such as Her Palms Were Read, Jejune and Reccourring (II) offer a more subtle outlet than the opening track but they are no less full blooded, whilst the staccato assault of Powerline Days brings the pace of the album down, but not at the expense of the energy of the album. Ghost (The Pottery Scene) and Lunger offer Wind Instrument‘s only relatively mellow moments before they return to what they do best as Your Other Left and Sputter kick Wind Instrument back into life before CA brings the album to fittingly epic and sprawling finale.

Kali Masi might have taken on a broader range of influences but they’ve remained true to their punk rock roots, whilst elements of emo and math rock are present they are are assimilated into their punk rock sound rather than overriding or dissipating the energy of their impressive debut album. Kali Masi have produced an impressive full length, whilst it never quite lives up to the promise of the explosive opener, Some Friends, this is an album that brings together disparate influences to produce a heartfelt and energetic debut.

Wind Instrument can be pre-ordered via Take This To Heart Records here