Album Review: Klammer – You Have Been Processed

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You Have Been Processed - Under Dogz Records

Since their formation in 2014 Leeds/Huddersfield based Klammer have previously released two albums, three singles, toured with Richie Ramone, shared stages with the likes of Penetration, 999, The Membranes and had a slot at Rebellion Festival. Often compared to some of the great punk/post punk bands of the 79/80 era, think Wire and Gang Of Four together with early goth from the likes of Sisters Of Mercy together with a little New Model Army, Klammer’s third album shows them to be so much more than this. Yes, those influences do creep in but Klammer are stepping away from them to create a sound that is instantly recognisable as their own.

With deep, rumbling bass rhythms and, at times some seriously punked up slashing guitar work You Have Been Processed is also full of rich, intricate guitar picking courtesy of Steve Whitfield and it is this, together with the deep vocal tones of singer Pos that make Klammer, and this album, unique amongst their contemporaries. Add in melodic choruses that hook you in and stay in your head, making you want to join in and belt them out yourself, but this is no pop album. True to form it’s often dark and brooding and that guitar work delivers some seriously sinister sounds over some menacing bass riffs. Nor is it an album to sit moping around to. It’s an album that makes you want to move, one to deafen your neighbours with as you get ready for a punk rock party or a gig you’ve looked forward to for ages.

You Have Been Processed flows along brilliantly. Opener Coast To Coast sets the tone with all the above characteristics. Early 2018 single Modern God and recent 7” release Spiral Girl are included. Perfect post punk tunes with almost spoken word verses over heavy bass driven rhythms leading into guitar soaked choruses. Even slower numbers, No Memory and Mechanical Boy, are still full on driving forces that build and build before erupting, in the case of Mechanical Boy into a finale of soaring guitar work. It’s all here. High speed traditional punk brought up to date with the kick ass Baddest Blocks, heavy, rumbling post punk, Tonight and Common Sense, relentless drumming, guitar riffs that drag up memories of some great 4AD moments, deep, dark lyrics tackling some of the more unpleasant sides of modern living, “Work, work, die” (Production), “Life will be the death of you” (Long Cold Summer). 

You Have Been Processed is 14 tracks of sharp guitar riffs, dark infectious beats, hook you in choruses and some deep, ominous lyrics that will certainly keep their growing number of fans happy and should bring in a whole load more. Punk, post-punk, a little goth, indie rock, call it what you will, if you’re a fan of any one of these genres then you’ll love this. Klammer are a melting pot of them all and, as a result, are Klammer. In years to come reviews will be saying “with influences such as Klammer.” You Have Been Processed will be released on August 10th via Under Dogz Records will be available on vinyl, cd and download. Klammer will also play at this year’s Rebellion Festival on Thursday 2nd August where pre-release copies of the album will be available.

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