Album Review: Mobina Galore – Feeling Disconnected

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Mobina Galore

Feeling Disconnected - New Damage Records

Mobina Galore are a Canadian duo made up of guitarist and vocalist Jenna Preistner and drummer Marcia Hanson, they have recently released their sophomore album, Feeling Disconnected, via New Damage Records, this follows on from their 2014 debut full length, Cities Away. Feeling Disconnected is something of a loose concept album, the album is centred around around a theme of detachment, from being far from friends and family due to heavy touring, to being cut off in an often overlooked hometown and even dealing with the isolation of being an female duo in a male dominated scene.

Feeling Disconnected kicks things off with Start All Over, this is as solid a slice of intense pissed off punk rock as you’ll hear in 2017, the whole album is a cathartic blast from start to end. It channels all the hard edged elements of punk rock into it’s ten tracks, from the old school punk rock of Going Out Alone, through the intense hardcore influenced Spend My Day and onto the triumphant Better Days. There’s even a hidden track that follows on at the end of the album, a track which I’ve decided is called The Fourth Of July, as that is main theme from the track, but also as this album is an exorcising of past trauma, it means that, to paraphrase a well known movie, this is their Independence Day.

Feeling Disconnected is an album centred around being an outsider and that sense of otherness that belonging to a subculture can sometimes cause, but as I can testify it’s not necessarily a bad thing in the long term, and in the case of this album its definitely a positive. Whilst some let a sensation of detachment drag them down, Mobina Galore seem to be positively fuelled by it, Feeling Disconnected has built from the promise shown on the teaser EP, Singles And B-Sides, that was released last year. Mobina Galore have delivered an album that doesn’t disappoint on any level, it is a raw and heartfelt punk rock album, and if you’re not familiar with this Canadian duo, then you really should rectify that.

Mobina Galore‘s website can be located here and New Damage Records web presence can be found here

Feeling Disconnected can be purchased here