Album Review: Reptilians From Andromeda – Reptilians From Andromeda Must Be Destroyed!

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Reptilians From Andromeda

Must Be Destroyed! - ADA Music Official

Turkey’s Reptilians From Andromeda have released their new full length “Reptilians From Andromeda Must Be Destroyed!”, a title that brings home images of the kind of classic b-movies that are so bad they’re good and vintage horror comics. The album’s artwork does nothing these dispel the impression that lodges itself firmly in my mind, although as I have watched movies pretty much every night for the past nine months of the pandemic, so it could just be me. Regardless it’s a striking title and the imagery grabs your eye and screams out that there is something gloriously trashy contained within the sleeve, had this been back in the days of record shops I can say there’s a fair chance a copy of this would have gone home with me without hearing a note, I’ll admit that’s not the best method for album shopping but it’s what I used to do sometimes, and no it didn’t always work out.
The first taste of “Reptilians From Andromeda Must Be Destroyed!” is the trashy sleazy slab of punk rock that is ‘Drop Dead‘, year zero punk rock collides with 90’s alternative and garage punk for an impressive opener. ‘No More Mr. Pin head‘ keeps the beat running and indicates that this is and album that is set to live up to the initial impression, the sleazy punk rock that sits at the band’s core is a constant feature, but that’s not the end of the story. Reptilians From Andromeda veer off course into glam rock stomps (Suburban Affair), stripped down punk rock (Rat Poison) and primitive garage punk (Ghost Of Elvis), before heading back to their sleazy roots. “Reptilians From Andromeda Must Be Destroyed!” also includes a cover of the Subsonics track ‘Eyeball‘ that is set to appear on the upcoming Mandinga Records Subsonics tribute album.
If you want comparisons then imagine a melding of Vice Squad, L7Loaded 44, Choking Susan, The Donnas and The Runaways… I could go on with that list, but if you think of any of the great female fronted / all female punk and alt bands that have that essential fuck you attitude, then you’ve probably got a good idea of exactly where “Reptilians From Andromeda Must Be Destroyed!” sits sonically. This is easily the finest release I’ve heard to date from Reptilians From Andromeda, it’s ten tracks of garage fuelled punk rock each hit the spot, something that means that happily this is a case where you can judge an album by its cover. 
Reptilians From Andromeda Must Be Destroyed!” can be streamed via digital service providers includingSpotify, you can also purchased the album on vinyl here and here, with signed copies available through the Can Plak Record Store.