Album Review: Sparrows – Let The Silence Stay Where It Was

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Let The Silence Stay Where It Was - New Damage Records

Toronto’s spaced out post punks Sparrows released their sophomore album, Let The Silence Stay Where It Was, via New Damage Records earlier this month, once more they have teamed up with their longtime collaborator, Kenny Bridges of Canadian melodic punk outfit Moneen, who has taken the helm on producing the album. Let the Silence Stay Where It Was is Sparrows first release on New Damage Records and it follows on from their impressive 2013 debut album Cold Ground.

Let The Silence Stay Where It Was opens with the atmospheric and intense number Three Four Two Five, Three Four Two Five, the track ebbs and flows but all the while maintaining the intensity. The track leads into the sinister The Written Rules Of Choking that carries a dark cathartic element, this theme is continued with Carrying On With A Modern Lifestyle. The single Cave Eater makes a welcome appearance and raises the tempo of the album whilst still carrying a hefty cloud of darkness on it’s back. This is an album that carries all the aggression and abrasiveness you’d expect from Sparrows but it’s the delivery that raises this above the majority of post hardcore bands. Let The Silence Stay Where It Was is an album that has seen Sparrows retain the signature sound that was established on the debut album, but they have refined their approach, the combination of crushing post hardcore riffs, which are juxtaposed against almost tranquil elements in their songs, mean that this is an album that never strays into being repetitive.

Each track on Let The Silence Stay Where It Was carries it’s own character, and this is something that sets them apart from the majority of bands in the post hardcore genre. Sparrows have been building a solid reputation, both live and in the studio, and following the release of Let The Silence Stay Where It Was they will be returning to their frenetic touring schedule. This is band that subtly delivers the aggression of hardcore, and however you look at it that is an achievement.

Let The Silence Stay Where It Was can be ordered ,and their tour dates can be viewed, here