Album Review: Teresa Banks – Nobody’s Coming To The Rescue

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Teresa Banks

Nobody's Coming To The Rescue - Fast Decade Records / La Agonía de Vivir / Lonesome Surfers Records / Sonicslap Records / Punk & Disorderly Records / Milestone Sounds / Intersphere Records / Tent City Records / Horn And Hoof Records

Helsinki’s melodic hardcore punk outfit Teresa Banks may be based in the Scandinavia but their members roots are spread across mainland Europe, something that has contributed to the sound on their freshly released debut full length “Nobody’s Coming To The Rescue” that is now available digitally, with physical formats set to follow towards the end of 2020 through an international coalition of independent and DIY labels. Presumably taking their name from the murder victim in the Twin Peaks prequel “Fire Walk With Me“, who was portrayed by the late Pamela Gidley, the band have been spreading their name across Europe, including an appearance at the 2019 Rebellion Festival. The release of Teresa Banks‘ latest full length follows on from their recent split EP “The Split” with Kuritus and their 2019 sophomore EP “Bridges We Build, Bridges We Burn
An opening salvo of machine gun drums launches Nobody’s Coming To The Rescue” into life, the opening track ‘Human Error‘ is a relentless attack that draws from the sound of the great and the good of the veterans that inspired the rise of the melodic hardcore scene, moments from the album will bring back recollections of much loved bands that are undoubtedly embedded deep in your collection. But that’s not to say this is derivative, that would be doing Teresa Banks a great disservice, moments may be reminiscent of NOFX, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag or Pennywise, or maybe their European counterparts such as Svetlanas or F.O.D., but this is due to a chord change or a guitar line, an anthemic backing vocal or an impassioned political lead vocal, whilst there are similarities they are fleeting and what glues the whole package together is completely original and completely Teresa Banks.
Teresa Banks have released an album that is a rallying cry that adds to the increasingly loud calls for positive change and political defiance, something that resonates deep within the some of the best punk releases. Nobody’s Coming To The Rescue” is very much a twin pronged attack, raw, uncompromising and intense on the one hand, on the other there is an undeniable melody that is paired with a catchy and fist pumping anthemic side to the songs. With the exception of the inspired instrumental ‘March Of the Rhinos‘ at the midway mark, Nobody’s Coming To The Rescue” is an intense, raw and pummelling album from a band who can spin an infectious melody into the pulverising melodic hardcore soundtrack. Nobody’s Coming To The Rescue is an album raising a fist of defiance in the most divisive era in recent times, we can only hope that our combined voices are heard before it’s too late.
You can stream and purchase “Nobody’s Coming To The Rescue” via digital platforms including BandcampSpotifyApple Music, Deezer and Tidal. The album will be released on limited 12″ vinyl in December and can be pre-ordered on vinyl via Horn And Hoof Records (UK), Fast Decade Records (Finland), La Agonía de Vivir (Spain), Lonesome Surfers Records (Poland) and Sonicslap Records (Serbia). Nobody’s Coming To The Rescue” can also be pre-ordered on CD through Fast Decade Records (Finland), Lonesome Surfers Records (Poland), Punk & Disorderly Records (Canada) and Milestone Sounds (Japan). The album will also be released on cassette via Intersphere Records (Germany) and Tent City Records (USA).