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The Flatliners

Inviting Light - Rise Records

Canada’s The Flatliners have released Inviting Light, their sixth studio LP, via Rise Records, there’s been a long four year gap since their last full length, Division Of Spoils, which was a collection of rarities and non album tracks, you have to go back to 2013’s Dead Language for their last album of new material. A hiatus of that length between new recordings often signifies a band changing or evolving their style, and Inviting Light is no exception as the new album and record label has signified a shift in their approach.

Inviting Light opens with the sinister chords of Mammals before the drum beat kicks in and you know that The Flatliners are back to what they do best, delivering heady melodic punk rock, ten of the twelve tracks deliver exactly that, accomplished melody driven punk rock, but that’s not the end of the story, amongst the pounding anthemic tracks their are quieter moments, includuing Unconditional Love, a track that brings things down with an intense slow burn and Chameleon Skin, the albums mellowest moment that introduces a laid back acoustic element to Inviting Light .

Inviting Light shows a new side to The Flatliners, this is a slightly more easy going and melodic album than the recordings I’ve previously encountered, whilst it still carries the same impact as their earlier material this is a more mature sounding release that suggests The Flatliners are still evolving and haven’t settled into a comfortable rut. Inviting Light is an album that will satisfy their establish fanbase, but it is also one that I feel will broaden their appeal as this is a more polished and refined sounding release that leans more towards the rock element of their punk rock.

The Flatliners recently completed an extensive US tour with Weezer and the band is now gearing up for a European tour with The Menzingers followed by a pair of South American shows, as well as a series of dates across their native Canada and a number of festival appearances this summer, meaning that pretty much everyone will have the chance to catch them live over the course of Spring and Summer.

The Flatliners website can be found here and Rise Records website is here

You can order Inviting Light here