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The Hussy

Looming - Dirtnap Records

It may surprise a few to learn that The Hussy formed over a decade ago, their erratic path has seen them tour pretty much everywhere and with pretty much everyone and release recordings for over twenty record labels, now the duo of Bobby Hussy and Heather Hussy have augmented the The Hussy‘s line up with the addition of new full time guitarist Tyler Fassnacht. Armed with a new heavier direction and an expanded line up and with Dirtnap Records becoming their latest record label, The Hussy have today released their sixth studio album “Looming” that follows on from 2015’s “Galore“. 

You may well have encountered The Hussy before and not realised, not content with their prolific output the band’s members have also recorded and played in Nobunny, Proud Parents, Cave Curse and Fire Heads to name but a few, but they always return to The Hussy. For those not familiar with The Hussey‘s long and chequered history a glance at the album art for “Looming” with it’s primary colours, pyramids, plants and floating eye you might be forgiven for presuming that this is some kind of neo-psychedelic throwback, if you have made such an assumption then you are about to be schooled in the art of not judging a book (or album) by it’s cover.

From the opening onslaught of “Coast” it’s clear this ain’t the summer of love, this is a supercharged eccentric hybrid of punk rock, power pop and snarling garage, sixteen tracks are packed into an intense 27 minute rollercoaster that packs a real punch. Everything is delivered in an amphetamine blur, the alternating lead vocals of Bobby Hussy and Heather Hussy give each track a different character and moments of eccentricity act as punctuation. You can’t compare The Hussy to anyone else, there will be moments of fleeting recognition, but these are short lived as The Hussy once more head off down their own eccentric and idiosyncratic path, a path that you’ll inevitably find yourself following them down.

Looming” can be purchased on CD and black and limited run yellow vinyl variants here

The Hussy can be found on Bandcamp and Facebook