Album Review: The Prefab Messiahs: Psychsploitation Today

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The Prefab Messiahs

Psychsploitation Today - Burger Records / Lolipop Records

The Prefab Messiahs have released their latest full length platter of new material, Psychsploitation Today, the fuzzed-out foursome of Xerox Feinberg, Trip Thompson, Doc Michaud and Mattyboy Horn have cooked-up, arguably, their most far out and fantastical effort to date. The brand new full length follows on from their 2015 album, Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive, and continues down the path of melding timely social commentary with equal measures of authentic sixties punk attitude, hazy psych and left field garage.

The driving psych of Psychsploitation kicks off the latest full length from The Prefab Messiahs with a heady lysergic dose, this is followed up with The Man Who Killed Reality that hits you with a political statement draped in layers of fuzz, tremolo and echo. Psychsploitation Today continues to mine a rich vein of authentic garage and psychedelia, but for me the album’s finest moments are the tracks Everything U No and Outtayerhands that bring a welcome jolt of sixties punk to pop the psychedelic bubble. With their latest release The Prefab Messiahs have managed to combine the harder egde of the sixties with a heavy dose of hallucinatory psyche and a sixties pop sensibility to create a contemporary psych classic.

If you’re a fan of the garage revival scene that spawned the likes of The Fuzztones, The Chesterfield Kings and The Lime Spiders, the contemporary psych from bands like The Black Angels and All Them Witches, or the original bands who changed everything such as The Seeds or The Thirteenth Floor Elevators, then you need to acquaint yourself with The Prefab Messiahs. Psychsploitation Today is an album that manages to encompass everything worthwhile borne of the origins of sixties punk and psych, crucially it’s also one that manages to avoid the more self indulgent tendencies of the era.

Psychsploitation Today is now available via Lolipop Records here, Burger Records here and Bandcamp here

The Prefab Messiahs Facebook page can be found here