Album Review: Tigerwine – Die With Your Tongue Out

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Die With Your Tongue Out - Blood And Ink Records

Colorado Spring’s Tigerwine are a band that have taken the sound of progressive post hardcore and melded it with the gloomy low end of new-wave grunge, along with a few metallic influences, to create a hybrid of styles that sets them apart from the majority of the pack of post hardcore bands. The band have now released their debut full-length, Die With Your Tongue Out, which was unleashed yesterday, April 14th 2017, through Blood & Ink Records. Die With Your Tongue Out is now available to order on CD, vinyl, on black and red variants, and digital formats along with an array of bundles 

Die With Your Tongue Out opens with Kiku, an ominous introduction that sounds as though it’s from the soundtrack of a dark spaghetti western, this fades into Spit, a noisy intense blast of metallic post hardcore, a style that is revisited on the blistering 110. The album breaks things down with brooding numbers such as Rainier, Nosebleed and Sign, that maintain their full tilt assault but are possessed by a more sinister undercurrent, there are also moments on Die With Your Tongue Out that offer shelter from the assault, Sharp Elbows Part 2, a scathing attack on religion, brings the intensity down a couple of notches whilst Soot offers a melancholy oasis of calm. The penultimate track, Heritage, returns to the ominous sound of the opening number and the album closes with the atmospheric number, High Roof, that offers an anthemic finale that brings proceedings to an end with an chaotic wall of feedback

On Die With Your Tongue Out it would seem that Tigerwine have delivered a darker slicker take on post hardcore, one that embraces influences from the parallel worlds of metal and alt rock to create a noisy and atmospheric hybrid. What’s most surprising about Tigerwine is that their intense wall of noise is created by only three people, I’ve heard bands and albums that try, and fail, to achieve a sound of this intensity with twice the personnel. Whilst for me it’s gloomy low end style wasn’t exactly the soundtrack I, or my neighbours, were looking for on a sunny Spring morning, but this is an accomplished and intense debut album that will delight fans of the darker angst ridden side of post hardcore and alt rock.

Tigerwine‘s Facebook page can be found here and Blood And Ink Records website is located here

Die With Your Tongue Out can be ordered physically here and digitally here