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Pick A Pocket Or Two - Mi7 Records

Following the release of, and subsequent critical acclaim for, Trampolene‘s debut album, From Swansea Too Hornsey, last year the band are now set to issue the double album, Pick A Pocket Or Two, on September 7th via Mi7 Records. The album’s existence is due to the unprecedented demand from their fanbase for a physical release of their early recordings, it would seem that Trampolene are a band that listen to their following as this is a 28 track compilation of songs and poems that weren’t included on From Swansea To Hornsey, the tracks are all culled from the band’s singles and series of EP’s, or as the band refers to them ‘pocket albums’, and this will be the first time the the material has had a physical release.

Pick A Pocket Or Two is divided into two albums, loud and quiet, so we’ll start with the loud disc, which kicks off with the contradiction of It’s Not Rock & Roll as this most certainly is a fuzzy hedonistic blast of everything the title claims it isn’t. From here on in you’re in for an album’s worth of tracks, each of which confirms everything that is glorious about Trampolene. The loud side of Pick A Pocket Or Two is a collection of the finest full tilt moments from Trampolene‘s early singles and pocket EP’s, had this disc been issued on it’s own this would be a near perfect album. The quiet side of Pick A Pocket Or Two is unsurprisingly a complete contrast to the first disc, opening with the melancholy Newcastle Brown Love Song the second disc picks it’s way through the tender, introspective and gentle side of Trampolene‘s recordings, including a quartet of spoken word tracks that bring Pick A Pocket Or Two to a close.

Pick A Pocket Or Two is a fine companion album to From Swansea To Hornsey that collects their early recordings into two distinct halves, it’s no surprise that if I had to choose between them I’d plump for the loud disc as it’s this side of the band that drew me to Trampolene when I first encountered them on their fourth pocket album. Pick A Pocket Or Two is a a compilation with a split personality, the album’s are conveniently divided into two discs that illustrate the two sides of the band, this means you have a disc of tracks for getting you pumped up before going out and a second for chilling out afterwards, and it’s a release that should tide the band’s burgeoning fanbase over until their next release.

Pick A Pocket Or Two can be pre-ordered via Pledge Music here

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