Album Review: Various Artists – Happy Holidays, I Miss You

InVogue Records has teamed up with Capital House Studio to release the Happy Holidays, I Miss You Christmas Compilation, This seasonal collection features a host of InVogue Records artists including Chase Huglin, Convictions, Courage My Love, Hotel Books, In Her Own Words, JT Woodruff, Mark Rose, Mirror Eyes, Punchline, September Stories, and Woven in Hiatus who have got together to produce a festive eleven track album, thankfully it is one that avoids the worst of the seasonal cliché’s and saccharine sentiments that usually populates these affairs.

In Her Own Words kick off the celebrations with Yule Shoot Your Eye Out, this starts with compulsory sleigh bells and heads into a bouncy pop punk number that hits the spot nicely. Chase Hughlin follows this with a mellow acoustic tune that is more upbeat than his debut album, it seems the Xmas spirt can touch everyone, well almost everyone, Hotel Books offer an unusual festive offering that is a hefty rant against the hypocrisy of Xmas and JT Woodruff , Woven In Hiatus  and Mark Rose build on the downbeat theme. Convictions inject a bit of energy back into the album, albeit a noisy tale of loneliness at Xmas time. Mirror Eyes offer the most festive moment on the album with Of All The Charlie Browns In The World, I’m The Charlie Browniest and Punchline ensure the festive spirit keeps flowing before September Stories firmly put the cork back in the bottle. Finally Courage My Love offer the almost obligatory cover of Last Christmas to end the album on a truly Xmassy note.

There are omnipresent sleigh bells and other seasonal touches and the feel and tone varies over the album, as with any compilation not everything will be to your taste but I would imagine that most people would find something to their tastes on this varied and original take on the festive album. But now here’s the moment of Xmas magic, the compilation is available as a pay what you want download, and all money raised through to new years day will be donated to The Jason Christopher Wilhelm Scholarship Fund, in honour of the vocalist of In Her Own Words brother, now isn’t that the true spirit of Xmas?

You can download Happy Holidays, I Miss You here or order the limited edition CD here

Happy Holidays, I Miss You will also be available via Spotify and all other digital outlets.

You can read more about The Jason Christopher Wilhelm Scholarship Fund here