Album Review: Vukovi – Fall Better

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Fall Better - VKVI Records

As a starting point it’s worth mentioning that Vukovi is a word that translates as wolves in Croatian, apparently it was chosen purely because they liked the sound of it, but it’s also one that seems to fits the band. It’s been almost three years since Vukovi‘s stunning self titled debut landed, this was followed by an impressive headline tour and the sky seemed to be the limit for Vukovi, then things fell quiet for too long. In this time the band’s front woman Janine Shilstone overcame a significant mental health diagnosis and then late last year news of new music and live appearance began to filter through, now the imminent release of their sophomore album “Fall Better” is looming on the horizon.

The themes remain that were present on the first album, this is an inclusive album that embraces the diversity of the fanbase and reflects Shilstone’s own personal battles with mental health, but don’t expect introspection and self doubt, “Fall Better” continues in the vein of the glorious technicolour soundtrack of their self titled debut album. The ominous introduction / warning ‘17359‘ sets the tone before they launch into the album’s driven title track. Throughout the album’s twelve tracks overdriven bass and guitar lines clash with very danceable beats and vocals that have a distinctly poppy quality, the end result is a soundclash that is unmistakably and utterly Vukovi. There is a no fucks given approach to Vukovi‘s work, they are always going to follow their own path, “Fall Better” somehow feels fresher and more energised although it is delivered with a much lighter and poppier approach than their debut, but regardless it remains just as defiant and refuses to be defined by a single genre. 

There are elements of Vukovi‘s sound that will bring bands past and present to mind, from the vintage sounds of Garbage and The Cranberries through to contemporaries such as Paramore and Hands Off Gretel, everything from pop and dance through to punk and rock is present in their sound, but they meld their influences together in a unique way, something that gives them an appeal that will span genres and build on their already dedicated following. Having overcome their own personal demons Vukovi are intent on picking up where they left off in 2017 and “Fall Better” is a damn fine statement of intent and unleashes the Vukovi on an unsuspecting world

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