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Angels & Airwaves

Love - Self-Released

For those of you who don’t know, I love to wander. I love to walk around and just explore, stroll through the fresh air and see the world around me. Maybe it’s because for half of the year it’s too damn cold for me to even leave the house (that’s what you get for living in Edmonton) but when the summer comes I love to wander.

Oddly enough, as I think back right now I’m realizing that most of my favourite stories – whether they’re stories about a late night party, getting lost in Paris or getting off at the wrong station in Tokyo – all revolve around me wandering the streets with friends, goofing around, exploring and having fun in the fresh air.

What does this have to do with Angels & Airwaves’ new album Love you ask? Well, today as I sat on the bus listening to the album and trying to think of the best way to describe it, the song Young Londoncame on and I felt the urge to wander and go for a walk.  I got off the bus and started walking home and by this time Epic Holiday had started to playing and it hit me: Love is the perfect soundtrack to my wanders.

Love is an epic album. It is grandiose and atmospheric. It is stadium rock that reaches out and is what you’ve come to expect from Angels & Airwaves; and while it can have the odd flare of pretentiousness to it, it is nowhere near to the pretentious level of, say, Muse.

On LoveAngels & Airwaves want to open your eyes to the world around you, to see the power in love and examine the intrinsic value of relationships between friends, loved ones, strangers and god. It’s an ambitious project, doubly so when you consider that the front-man used to run around naked on TV and sing about fucking dogs; but if you give it a chance, ignore any preconceptions and put the album on repeat you will soon discover that Angels & Airwaves were able to do what they set out to do.

The lush orchestration, the fantastical harmonies, and the soaring effects all work together to create a monumental sound that enables the listener to let his imagination soar if they bother to take the time to let it. It does take time to get past some of the overly long intros and exasperated outros but in the meat of the songs there is something undeniably mesmerizing. Tom DeLonge sings with a larger-than-life flare, in the way that makes you want to close your eyes and throw your hands out as you sing along and the energy is infectious.

The lyrics are hopeful and straight to the point and when I hear DeLonge sing “Let’s start a riot/ Nobody’s right / Nobody’s wrong / Life’s just a game / It’s just one epic holiday / However far this / Takes us along / Take us away /It’s just one epic holiday”  I can’t help but think that no other song could ever work as well as the soundtrack for my random wanders with friends than Epic Holiday; and somewhere, deep down, I can’t help but think that’s exactly what Angels & Airwaves wanted to do.

Plus, the album is available as a free download. So download it, listen to it and let it grow on you. It’s definitely a bit front-heavy, but soon enough the entire record grows on you.