Aspiga / Among Giants – Split

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Aspiga / Among Giants

Split - Ahh! Real Records

New Jersey emo trio Aspiga and Orlando acoustic punks Among Giants have just joined forces to release a split 7” via Say-10 Records

Each band contributes 2 tracks to the release, with Aspiga first offering up Direction and Old Habits, both very much in the Jawbre aker mould, only with a more DIY aesthetic values and lacking the same lyrical quality (but let’s face it, Jawbreaker set the bar pretty high in this regard), and it’s still a pleasant enough listen even if it doesn’t really ever blow us away.  

Among Giants abandon their usual acoustic sound and plug in to give us In the Jungle and I Care About Everyone. The DIY sound continues here, however despite that, the band manage to grab our attention with some catchy 90’s era alt punk melodies and screaming vocals used in moderation, but in all the right places – especially on I Care About Everyone, which is easily the standout track of the four.

Overall if you can see past the production values (and I’ll admit it’s an issue for me personally) there are some solid tracks on offer here, well worth seeking out (especially the limited run of 100 on coke bottle clear vinyl!) for punk fans and completists alike.