Balsall Heathens – Life’s Too Short EP

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Balsall Heathens

Life's Too Short EP - Violated Records

Balsall Heathens are an acoustic duo from Balsall Heath in Birmingham, England comprising Colin ‘Jock’ Blythe on guitar, who is better known for being the guitarist for English UK82 legends GBH, and Sam Uendo on vocals and fiddle, who currently plays in Contempt, Alcohol Licks and Screamin’ Abdabz, So it’s clear Balsall Heathens have a hefty punk pedigree behind them. They describe themselves as “gypsy pirate punk” and this release fits nicely into the burgeoning folk punk scene, although I’ll admit that “gypsy pirate punk” sounds like a lot more fun.

This five track EP was recorded in Birmingham, England and will be released via Violated Records and as you’d expect from an acoustic duo this is a minimalist release but it does maintain a punk rock attitude on the majority of it’s tracks. The opening track, Whisky In The Giro, is a spirited folk punk tinged reworking of the Thin Lizzy classic Whisky in The Jar and there are four more tracks of folk punk jiggery contained on the EP. Though this is a perfectly decent release it’s not covering any ground that hasn’t previously been trodden by numerous Celtic and folk punk bands before them and I imagine Balsall Heathens are a band best experienced live, preferably with a glass of something alcoholic clutched in your hand.