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Bass Drum Of Death

Say You Won't - Fat Possum Records

Bass Drum Of Death are either a band you know and love, or they are by name a band you may have not given the ear time to with the thought of some death metal ripping your brain apart, but actually the latter is so far from the truth it would be a definite “never judge a book by its cover” moment.

John Barrett is the man behind the music, and has actually until this album, been the sole architect of the writing, demoing and recording.  Say I Won’t was born and created with the touring band fully immersed within the process and If you have heard any of the previous 4 releases, you will be very aware of the difference this brings to this album, but if you are new to the band, then you are entering right at theist moment.  An album that feels like the road has just now opened up to so many more destinations, this is the culmination of everything that has been before.

Being a whole chunk more melodic and settled is the first thing that comes to mind when the opener ‘Find It’ hits your ears, it has the key ingredients of most BDOD songs, but it also has an added slickness and upbeat feel, with a Naked Raygun kind of vibe going on, this is fully enveloped in BODOD swagger though.  Songs that bag a healthy amount of rock, but never leave the punk behind, ‘Head Change’ gives off an almost Deep Purple tone, but then ‘No Soul’ slides ion right next to this with its vocal gymnastics of an attack on the senses. Throughout this album your left in no doubt that John Barrett loves his 70’s rock mixed with a glammed up outlook, hints of  Marc Bolan at his rockiest vocals in songs like ‘Say Your Prayers’ and ‘Keys To The City’, but we can never be too far way from the punk origins as we slide through this special album, ‘Everybody’s Gonna Be There’ takes care of this in a slowed down Ramones kind of way its by far the biggest ear worm on the album.   Yet this album gives so much more than just trinkets of pop songs, it handles itself like an album always should, it delves deep when needed, ‘Wait’ has a scuzzy rock bass at its heart and a rhythm that head bangs it way through your head, and ‘Too Cold To Hold’ drives a ZZ Top esque riff right at ya with a punk sensibility. 

Lyrically this album has you fully encompassed in a world of self reflection an insight into the mind of someone who has come to terms with his own infallibly, yet doesn’t wallow in the pity of it, it fights back and makes life worth actually living.

A rock/punk blinder of an album that may well have opened up a new door for this band, and if you like your music to give you nothing more than just happiness and enjoyment , then this album isn’t for you.

Out January 27th

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