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Billy Idol

The Roadside - Dark Horse Records

Seven years and an EP, that’s not as bad going as it sounds, Billy Idol is back with this four track fest of strangeness, a chance to give the media and fans something to talk about.  If you have followed Billy from the beginning, then you will already know that he ever has really fitted into the mould of out and out punk or for that matter rock/pop legend, what he does do is go his own way, he has a persona that just oozes cool, musically maybe a little less at times.

The Roadside has been put together during the strange times of lock down, and has its roots in the 80’s Idol era, kind of a Rebel Yell meets Whiplash Smile, ‘Rita Heyworth’ shows the way, the obligatory rock anthem that you might expect, a slick slice of classic Billy.  ‘U Don’t Have To Kiss Me Like That’ shows us something fresh yet with more than a hint of 80’s swagger, then a track that when compared to the other three, pales in comparison, an average rock song at best ‘Baby Put Your Clothes On’ doesn’t impress that much.  So why should you go out and spend your hard earned pennies on this EP, well there is definitely one, it comes in the form of ‘Bitter Taste’ this is a song that brings a soul to the proceedings as the title infers, this is a bitter sweet look back at times in his life that have changed the course of his life, particularly a motorbike crash that could have ended in so many other ways, to be a survivor can also bring guilt, the age old question of “what is life all about” is lamented within a rock ballad that hangs out billy’s heart for all to see, a saviour of a song for this EP.

Two songs that are truly worth buying this EP, one that is just old school Billy Idol and one that could have been left out. 4/5 for ‘Bitter Taste’

Out on September 17th Via Darkhorse Records

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