Boltergeist – Maybe Next Year EP

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Maybe Next Year - High End Denim Records

Keeping yourself busy during a pandemic when there are no gigs, festivals or tours has been a challenge every single one of us has faced, some throw themselves into writing about new music, some focus on a lockdown project and some have disappeared down metaphorical rabbit holes and may never be the same again. This, however, is not the approach of the roster of High End Denim Records, all of whom seem to have spent much of lockdown forming new bands with their label mates and friends, the latest of which is Boltergeist, who are comprised of members of members of the enticing trio of Trashed AmbulanceBurning Nickels and Frank Dux.

The opening track, Glory Days, lurks in classic epifat territory, melodic hard hitting punk rock done just as it oughta be in a shade over three minutes. No, You’re An Idiom is in the same vein but it ups the ante, and as Hometown Hostage builds the intensity again, whilst delivering the perfect anthem for lockdown, you’re anticipation is built for the closing track. Saving Daylight closes the EP in almost epic fashion, as least by the High End Denim Records standards, with a slightly melancholy feel, and who hasn’t experienced a melancholy moment since March 2020, but it keeps that classic melodic punk beat alive.

Whilst I’m hoping we don’t have to wait until next year for live music, EP’s like Maybe Next Year are evidence of exactly why punk isn’t dead, whatever happens, we will always be there, upsetting some, delighting others, but always having fun. For me this is the finest release today from the High End Denim Records stable, four tracks delivered in a lucky 13 minutes, each of which is worthy of being a single. If you love the heyday of that classic melodic punk soundtrack then why wait until next year, crank it up, pour something sticky on your carpet, turn the heating up, grab a beer and bounce with whatever or whoever happens to be in your home and you’ll (almost) be there.

The Maybe Next Year EP will be released on the 4th June and can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp