Booze And Glory – Raising The Roof EP

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Booze & Glory

Raising The Roof - Pirate Press Records

I have to confess that Booze & Glory have been a band that I have never truly listened to over the past few years or so, not through anything other than having a band name that conjures up football terraces, lads down the pub having a knees up and stomping out anthems.  This kind of punk rock has never really pricked up my ears and excited the brain in the same way that a good blast of Bad Religion or The Damned would, yet it does have its place in my collection and within the punk family.  

Songs that unite a generation have always been at the core of punk from the beginning, politics and screaming against the system were covered, so having the bands that simply bring the people together and celebrate their identity is where bands like Booze & Glory excel, conviction is never found wanting that’s for sure.  This four track EP has it all strung out for all to see and hear, title track ‘Raising The Roof’ hits the all the right buttons when it comes to having a an anthem that speaks of unity with lyrics like “and here we are and here we go again, side by side, all for one, one for all”.

If you enter this EP with any expectations other than a world music that is melodic, anthemic, tight as tight can possibly be, or full of powerful catchy hooks and super ear wormy riffs, and never want this in your life, then you need to turn round and go back out the door, shut it tightly behind you and lock it for good.  On the other hand if you want songs that bring the punk gang together, street punk for street people, with titles like ‘Betrayed’, ‘C’est La Vie’ and ‘The Streets I Call My Own’, you can pop though that door anytime you want, just don’t leave it open for the riff raff to follow.

No it’s not just chanting from the terraces, its life choices music that Booze & Glory play, enter and feel included.

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