Broadcaster – A Million Hours

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A Million Hours - Jumpstart Records

The trio from Long Island has returned with the sophomore full length, produced by J. Robbins. Weighing in at 10 songs in a half hour, the band has consciously gone for short and catchy. Power pop songs with a heavy dose of 90s influence, the band have used Robbins impressive resume (Jawbreaker, Small Brown Bike, The Promise Ring) to their advantage, crafting hooky songs that instantly stick in your head. This is perfect for Friday night listening, songs for bringing forth smiles and bobbing heads as you head out to meet friends. 

The album kicks off with the gruff World Turned Grey, which combines the slow burn of the guitars with the rough vocals in an angsty ode to grunge. They pick up the mood with The Current, which is more indicative of the album as a whole. They channel the spirit of the short lived Rentals in Jamie and bring to mind Saves the Day in their prime on The Current. That being said, there are a ton of influences that shine through, but they manage to make their sound their own. Well-crafted songs stand on their out, deserving of praise on their own merit. The catchy pop of I Don’t Wanna Talk, could easily serve as the theme song for a 90s sitcom. The vocals move seamlessly from a Chris Conley whine to the whiskey soaked gravelly gargle that is so popular these days. The songs are short enough to stick with the listener after a few listens, yet they have a depth that prevents them from becoming boring. The weakest song is also the longest; Comfortable ironically does not sit well amongst the rest of the album. 

Listening to Broadcaster walking down the street it is likely you will find yourself bobbing along to their catchy choruses. Standing on the subway, feet will be tapping. You will have a goofy smile on your face as you stand in the elevator, creeping out everyone around you. This is pop influenced music, but void of the shallowness that often accompanies the term. Broadcaster has created a solid follow up release that will leave fans happily anticipating the release of their next EP. Those of us who are discovering them for the first will be scrambling to find their back catalogue.