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Concrete Cowboys - Flatspot Records

kicking off this latest album with the intro ‘Bug Slam’ that pardon the pun, was bugging me for short 20 seconds and then it came to me, this sounded not so much hardcore, but a slither of Slipknot had just crept into my ears maybe.  So anyway this definitely hardcore not metal band from Chicago, have been around since 2018, so take out the year 2020 at least (pandemic and all) and you left with a maximum of 4 years actually playing, releasing and going live, hence this is their first full bodied more than a few tracks foray into the album world has been much anticipated. 

There is no doubt that once you get past the musical intro, that this band are fronted by a vocal maelstrom of a singer, which backed by what does actually feel like a metal/punk fusion, ‘All Eyes On You’ takes no prisoners and is finished as quickly as it began, from then onwards your ears get burned, pummelled and driven to their near extinction with some pretty full on driving hardcore, although the end of ‘Get It Out’  does seem a little surreal (trust me).

Its not until you get to ‘The Customer Is Always Wrong’ do you think that maybe we are gonna get a time to take breath, a wonderfully grungy bass line heads up along a slow rolling track toward another armageddon though, its something you simply won’t get away from in all 12 tracks.  Even title track ‘Concrete Cowboys’ has you on the edge of your seat, wondering if country is gonna weave its way into this musical onslaught, but only to be smashed with a pile driver every time it rears its head above the pulpit. 

This is 100% hardcore at it purest best, if you want something that will probably only last as long as it takes to look up from your espresso coffee and bang you head against the wall a few times (yep it does feel like that, in a good way), then this is most defiantly for you.  Oh and it finishes with an anthem for the ‘Youth’, what more do you want from and album?

Out now via Flatspot Records

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