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Chaos 8

One Last Kiss - Self Released

If you weren’t awake before listening to One Last Kiss, the new 4 track EP from Chaos 8, then you certainly will be afterwards. The opening track, I Am Alive, is an absolute banger and is enough to wake the dead. It’s a ferocious track from the off as Steven Naisbet‘s drumming reigns down on you like a boxer pummelling his opponent. Paul Williamson (guitar) and James “OZ” Bowey (bass) continue this assault on your aural senses as their infectious rhythms twist and turn inside your head and infect your nervous system. Lead vocalist Beki Straughan (Loaded 44 / Days Gone By) needs no introduction to anyone who has seen or heard this band before given Beki is one of the most infectious and charismatic front women in the punk scene.

The second track, Spin The Wheel, continues where One Last Kiss ended with that driving rhythmic drum and bass not letting up for one moment. This is a play loud EP for sure, and I particularly loved the screaming guitar in this track, albeit briefly. Your heart and body will most certainly be racing and shaking after you listen to this track. The EP’s title track starts with an introduction that fans of bands like Killing Joke and Gary Numan may well relate to, although this track is very much slowed down compared to the others it is still very heavy as Beki asks the listener if they are ready for the end and to give her that one last kiss? I certainly hope it is not the end given just how good this record and band are.

The final track is surprisingly called Take Your Breath Away, a title I find ironic given that my breath was taken away from the very start. Once again the band ups the pace and is quite simply, relentless. “I will take your breath away,” sings Beki, well Chaos 8, you did indeed. If you want to hear Industrial Punk at its finest then Chaos 8 is the band for you.

You can get yourself One Last Kiss via Bandcamp

Live photographs courtesy of allthecoolbandsphotography