Christmas / Haest / Bätwolf / Electric Frankenstein – International Split EP

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Christmas / Haest / Bätwolf / Electric Frankenstein

International Split EP - TNSrecords

TNSrecords International 4-band Split features two tracks each from Christmas (Germany), Haest (UK), Bätwolf (The Netherlands) and Electric Frankenstein (USA) that will be released tomorrow, the 9th September, on random coloured vinyl via TNS records and digitally via the label’s Bandcamp.

Christmas from Sankt Wendel, Germany brings forth our opening with Blatant Ignorance afast paced tempo  pusher with crunching guitars; this is punk with a hardcore edge. A scream along chorus and a breakdown ensue. This sounds very live. These guys play in that Raw Power from Italy zone. Christmas sound like a band that play a lot of shows. This track features all around crushing vocals and destroying guest vocals by Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid. Worthy. 54/40 Or Fight is a blistering track that makes you wanna knock shit over. The drums are ballistic along with vocals that are delivered with an intense calm. This song is a little more punk n roll and the vocals are just plain catchy AF. I suddenly have a hankering to slam a DAB Bier during the blistering guitar solo. Complete dance floor annihilation.

Next Haest from Hastings UK hit hard with a form of crust punk n’ roll with a tad of hardcore dissonance and doom. I already love the international flavor of this split as you go from the distinctly German accented Christmas to the precisely British vocals of Haest. You Smell Like Youve Done Something Illegal sounds like a song I can relate to. The guitars on this recording are just huge. The vocals hint at hardcore maybe more than doom. Whatever you want to call it, I am a huge fan of the voice I’m hearing. The doubled up vocals sung in anthem style are fantastic. This Tired Boat Is Sinking starts with a clean dark melodic opening that bomb drops into a deep cacophony of loud guitars which begin to crunch like a wall coming down on the listener. A long dooming part with a speaking sample gives way back to the stomping passionate vocals which hint of a Lou Koller (Sick of It All). This genre blending song has the right amount of everything. Including a hypnotic solo of something at the end. The drums aggressively play out as if they had no idea the rest of the song has ended. I don’t know what I just heard, and I was scared.

Bätwolf from Leiden, Netherlands start side B having to bring us back from whatever planet Haest just left us on. And Brick For Brick does just that starting with a punk beat I just love. The recording is a real blend of punk styles that I dig. This band is Dutch however they sound like they could be from California in the early 80s on a Flipside Vinyl Fanzine. The vocals are working man tough with a theme to match. Katerina is a rolling down the highway sort of jam and it’s totally bad ass. This is like Black Flag’s ‘Slip It In’ level groovey-cool. No vocals necessary you prick. Now Fuck Off!

Action High byNew Jersey horror punks Electric Frankenstein features a more anthemic style 70s punk explosion ala the Stooges or the New York Dolls. An incredible guitar solo that couldn’t have been recorded this century. The drums are driving and intense, the snare recorded with a SM57 mic and nothing more need be added. This is a high energy song that makes you wanna do bad things towards the end of a mind blowing soundtrack. I imagine this is what Cleveland sounded like in 1978 to Stiv Bators. Son Of Sam starts out like a Rocky Horror Picture Show or 1970s horror family show, dog barking included. This is like Alice Cooper joined the Dead Boys. Every bit as theatrical yet punk AF at the same time. Was this recorded recently? This 8-Track recording, undoubtably done on a Tascam MK2 with Regular 1/4” reel to reel tape, sounds like it was just dusted off from 1977. Electric Frankenstein is the punk band that plays at the strip club that sometimes has shows. This is low fi goth-punk heaven. Please don’t wake me just yet.

In conclusion: This 8-song International Split from TNSrecords is a powerful collection of international takes on what punk and hardcore music can be. It will take you on a musical journey that features many different emotions and subjects. Each band brings their own level of intensity and brand of fire to this release. Four distinct bands with eight songs every bit worthy of having their way with your mind via this vinyl offering. I can’t wait to see which color I get!