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Bloodmoon I - Epitaph Records

Converge are a band that from the onset were a Hardcore outfit that even then stretched things as far as they could possibly go, to the point that Metalcore was always on the horizon.  To this end the only album that caught my attention and gave the feeling of “this band could take you places that are worth going”, was Jane Doe, from that point onward it became more of a challenge to listen to what essentially was Hardcore with the emphasis on “Hard”, moments of brilliance that were sporadic, albums that could take you up, then drop you off a cliff by the third track.

So here we are in 2021 with a collaboration album, which when you put two and two together, the use of the name Converge may have been the plan that took this long to actually come to fruition.  With the addition/inclusion of Chelsea Wolfe (vocal Doomstress) and Ben Chisholm (Synth/Other) then there is ex Converge Bassist Stephen Brodsky dipping his toes again, your left wondering where this is going, well you have an almost eight minutes of the opening and title track Bloodmoon to find out.  From the onset your struck by the production level here, Bloodmoon is a not a song or a track, its more of a moment, it boils up like a volcano that ebbs and flows, from eruptions that are Brodsky’s vocal screams, to lava flows of Wolfe’s molten melodies, this is all held within a musical dam that fights to keep it all in, until the inevitable yet predictable end.  Moving on from this (not so  quickly) your then pushed headlong into a pit the pit of hell that is ‘Viscera Of Men’ which in turn leads into ‘Coil’ a song that unravels like, well like a coil, all the way up to the crescendo you again fully expect.

Being that the whole experience is well up to an hour long, its not surprising that it takes a good half hour before the best moment of the album and the shortest (take note song writers) ‘Lord Of Liars’ is were you get a sense of Converge from old, yet so much more than the Jane Doe era, this for myself is where I might have envisaged the band to end up over the years since that first album, but then would that have been far too predictable and less exciting?.

From a purely personal point of view, this album could have stopped at ‘Failure Forever’ and been something to have enjoyed for what it was, so to then go on and add another four tracks, 20 mins of less memorable music, might be its downfall. Not say that there are no highlights in the death throes, but death throes they are.

Wolfe’s vocal gives this whole epic album a feeling of atmosphere and impending doom, Brodsky adds all the excitement, yet somehow it still feels like an album/collaboration that would have been so much better off staying live! 

Bloodmoon I is out now via Deathwish Inc/Epitaph buy it HERE