Cordalene – The Blue EP

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The Blue EP - Manic Pop Thrill Records

The Philadelphia quartet know as Cordalene just released their third CD, The Blue EP. The grunge rock album features a total of five tracks, four listed and one bonus track; most of which are about girls and relationships.

Fans off Weezer and The White Stripes will surely fall in love with this album; while other listeners may want to stay away. Mike Kiley’s vocals have a great resemblance to that of Jack White from The White Stripes; especially on the fourth track, Imaginary. They have the same garage rock, hoarse sound and even have the same type of “woah-ahs” and “ya-ya-ya”s. The vocal setup sometimes tends to be repetitive and predictable, although, every once in a while it does send a vibe of energy and excitement flowing throughout your body. Lyrically, as I mentioned before, Cordalene sings mostly about girls and relationships. This is enjoyable at times, but other times it would be nice to hear a slight variation.

Musically, Mike works with Jamie Olson, Jim McGuinn and Joe Boyle to create one tight, grunge rock sound. All the instruments work together, never really taking a major leap to the forefront of the group.

Generally, if you like to listen to Weezer and The White Stripes,then you should probably take the time to check out Cordalene. If you don’t like the grunge rock genre, you will probably not find The Blue EP very appealing.