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Acarno Chemical - Sell The Heart Records

Arcano Chemical a World Of Warcraft reference or not?, either way this debut album by Datura gives you a peek into how a cult status could be waiting in the wings for this Goth/Rock/Indie band, although being associated with the goth movement can work for or against you, a niche that is very well supported, yet still a niche all the same at the moment.

Could this be a corner turned for this genre or not?, Datura have a sound that takes you on a journey through a Cure/Joy Division sounds, so is it worth the journey, lets see.  The very strong opener ‘Bloody Shores’ throws you down an abyss of atmospheric vocals and deep rooted tribal drum beats, guitar that spirals around you as you fall, then with a bump you find yourself flung upwards as the contrast of beats in ‘Phantasma’ has you whirling around the mouth of the chasm below.

With plenty of dark emo reference points, Datura can not be mistaken for a band that will grab you by the scruff of the neck and fling you around in a wave of energy, but they do have a place to play in the musical jungle of life, even if only briefly.  There are some very big up and downs throughout this album, ‘The Chase’ never quite lives in your mind for long, ‘Dare You’ on the other hand has a lyrical “fuck you” and a pretty cool Joy Division feel, then ‘Loser’ loses its way  a little, but ‘Sapphire’ has its very own Cure bass line and guitar sexiness.  If your’e of a moody disposition or simply want your slice of emo cake and eat it, this album will be for you.

Not a classic, but has its very own classic moments within, if your willing to give it a go, the only warning I can give is, don’t expect to take this album on and be left feeling anything other than flat by the end.  

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