Deadbeat At Dawn – Survival Zone / Skapocalypse

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Deadbeat At Dawn

Survival Zone / Skapocalypse - Self Released

Deadbeat At Dawn released the stunning Dyscopia EP back in the summer of this year, a time in our lives that seems like a lifetime ago. A lot has changed and life has been punctuated with multiple government scandals and several Covid variants, but there is always someone or something you can rely on, and the Yorkshire quintet are ending 2021 in style with a timely two track offering. Despite the fact we now live in interesting times this doesn’t seem to have impacted on Deadbeat At Dawn, they have picked up with their left off with their good natured and chaotic brand of apocalyptic ska punk on their new double A side single, Survival Zone / Skapocalypse.

Deadbeat At Dawn are partying as the world burns, something, and probably the only thing, they have in common with the UK government. As with their previous release you can’t have a party without friends, and the band’s latest release features guest appearances from Alice Reid from In Evil Hour and Plot 32’s Stash. Kicking off with the A side you get Survival Zone, an appropriate anthem for the world right now if there ever was one. The track starts with ominous tone before kicking into a menacing skank that is accompanied by lyrics that are spat over the heavyweight ska, in tone it recalls The SpecialsGhost Town but with a renewed intensity that reflect the times we live in.

The AA Side features Skapocalypse, a track that sees Deadbeat At Dawn move into more familiar territory. This is another good time end of the world anthem that is awash with horns, ominous samples and of course a party like there’s no tomorrow attitude, which given the circumstances seems to be the only sensible thing to do. Both of Deadbeat At Dawn’s releases I’ve encountered this year have been perfect remedies to the world we live in, at least psychologically if not medically, and as it doesn’t look like things are going to improve anytime soon they are primed and ready for 2022.

Survival Zone​ /​ Skapocalypse is now available via digital platforms including Spotify & Bandcamp