Destroy Nate Allen (Featuring Gnarboots) – With Our Powers Combined

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Destroy Nate Allen (Featuring Gnarboots)

With Our Powers Combined - High Endurance Records

With Our Powers Combined may be the perfect example of how a bad album cover can make you miss something worthy of a listen. The multi-coloured, highly-florescent gives my headaches just by looking it and I imagined some cheesy, electro-pop wanna by hybrid that I would shove off at a moments notice.

That, in a far-off way, is what I got but not in the way I expected. For in some weird way, With Our Powers Combined is actually pretty damn fun. Stupid and cheesy yes, but fun nonetheless.

The husband and wife duo – supported by Gnarboots on this particular album – comes blaring out of the starting gate with the staccato, random and Bikini Kill-esque Waking Up Is Hard To Do. It’s hard to put Bikini Kill in the same sentence as a song called Waking Up Is Hard To Do, but sonically it’s there even if the lyrics don’t come close to matching.

However, from that point on, Destroy Nate Allen just explodes forward with a sound that matches the album artwork. It’s fun, cheesy, and comic-book like with an explosion of sound that mixes MC Larswith Pedals On Our Pirate ShipThe Wild, Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer and Mixtapes but with a poppier, more joyful energy. Chick Flick has a ska-stroke melody while Our First Apartment (Ghetto) is a straight up folk-punk tune about living in a shitty apartment. They merge styles – the moog synth on Boobie Bar explodes into a jubiliant pop-punk tune with a Star Fucking Hipsters edge if Nico de Gaillo was singing and Long Weekend Blues is a bare boned acoustic song and ska comes back on Distracted Nate-O-Bot.

Lyrically, Destroy Nate Allen is a prime joke band, like a funnier version of Chixdiggit! or Nerf Herder. With songs about strip clubs, chick flicks, eating vegetables and late night taco runs, With Our Powers Combined isn’t a cerebral heavy effort but it reminds me of some of the bands I got into when I first got into this style.

Trading male and female vocals, Destroy Nate Allen is a fun and enjoyable album. It’s stupid, I’ll give you that – but it also brings a smile to my face.