EP Review: Bezette Stad – Self Titled

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Bezette Stad

Self Titled - Lost Youth Records

Bezette Stad is an outfit composed of veterans from the Belgian punk scene including ex-members of Reproach, Sunpower, Forge, Rich Widows, The Struggle, Dead End Sin, Outline and Star Visitors. Rumour has it that Bezette Stad rehearsed a mere five times before recording their debut self titled EP, a recording that has resulted in three cuts of angry hardcore music that clocks in at just over ten minutes, and is all delivered in the defiant beat of “D”. 

What you get with Bezette Stad‘s debut when cut down on the genres and sub-genres is a trio of raw hardcore cuts, the opening hit of ‘Mutual Aid‘ is an assault on the sense that reflects the bands uncompromising d-beat influences. The second cut ‘Aux Urnes Etc.‘ initially hits you with a donwtuned introduction that’s more Black Sabbath than Black Flag, however the influences switch places as the track abruptly gains pace. The final cut, ‘Greed‘, and it’s extended spoken word finalé, occupies about half of the EP, a grinding bass line leads you into a cut of vintage defiant hardcore before dissolving into sequels of feedback, something that underpins the hard hitting samples that are overlaid onto the unsettling squall. 

Bezette Stad‘s debut EP delivers three tracks of relentless D-beat coupled with a socialist viewpoint that takes its cue from the likes of DischargeDisfear and Tragedy. This would be any impressive EP on any level, but when you consider Bezette Stad‘s claim that their debut EP was recorded after a handful of rehearsals, then it becomes one of the most promising hardcore releases of 2020. You might not know their name just yet, but if Bezette Stad can keep up the momentum and spirit of this self titled debut EP then I guarantee you will. 

Bezette Stad‘s three track self titled EP is now available via Lost Youth Records as a hand stamped and hand numbered limited run of red/yellow cassettes and as a ‘pay what you want’ download via Bandcamp here