EP Review: Cockwomble – Conspiracy

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Conspiracy - Self Released

Cockwomble are set to release their third EP, Conspiracy, in advance of supports with Subhumans, UK Subs and a slot at the Rebellion Festival’s Introducing Stage this Summer, which will finally provide me with a more than welcome chance to catch them live. If you’re going to make a statement then naming your band after a slur aimed at the UK’s Prime Minister is one thing, but naming your latest release Conspiracy and putting a picture of the Pope on the cover is quite another, Cockwomble are back and they’re making a noisy statement.

The Conspiracy EP opens with the title track, a garage punk riff coupled with angular post punk fury that’s aimed squarely at the idiotic conspiracy theories that distract the masses from life’s real villains, Goebbels & Orwell keeps the political fury flowing nicely with a track that encourages you to choose sides and fight against the politics of fear that dominate the news. If you were still wondering which side of the fence Cockwomble were on then the furious blast of hardcore punk, It’s OK To Punch A Nazi, nails their colours firmly to the mast. The final track, Joey Ramone, brings a Helen Love-esque pop punky tribute to the much missed Ramones frontmen, something that is close to the band’s heart as their bassist Victoria Smith is also in The Ramonas.

This is another near perfect EP from Cockwomble, as with their previous EP’s there is a scattergun approach to the subject matter but somehow they always manage to hit the target, whether this is challenging the far right or delivering a tribute to the Ramones. This is a glorious six track EP, Conspiracy also includes radio friendly versions of two tracks, that you need in your life, politically sussed lyrics with a soundtrack that spans everything from pop punk to hardcore, what’s not to love? 

The Conspiracy EP can be pre-ordered via Cockwomble‘s website here