EP Review: Diabolico Delirium – Self Titled

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Diabolico Delirium

Diabolico Delirium - Kafadan Kontak Records

Like many musicians right now Tolga Özbey, a founding member of Turkey’s Reptilians From Andromeda and Rashit, has found himself at something of a loose end during the global pandemic, and like many the frustration with the current situation has been channelled into a new project, Diabolico DeliriumÖzbey single-handedly wrote and recorded the self titled five track EP during lockdown prior to it’s release earlier this month by the Turkish DIY label Kafadan Kontak Records. If you were expecting someone with Özbey’s punk pedigree to be releasing more of the same, well you’re in for a shock, Diabolico Delirium is a journey back to the world of 1950’s and 1960’s horror and science fiction b-movies that is infused with the recreational substance use of the era.

El Diablico‘ sets the tone for the for Diabolico Delirium, a wild surf beat overlaid with classic horror movie samples, all of which is served up with with a heady dose of reverberating twanging surf guitar. The opening track segues nicely into ‘There’s Something Inside Me‘, a track that brings some overdriven guitar breaks, because you might be able to take to man out of the punk band, but you can’t take the punk band out out of the man. ‘I Drink Your Blood And Eat Your Skin‘ keeps the momentum building and brings a chugging punk riff that lurks in the heart of the dark surf beat, ‘Heartbeats Of The Undead‘ keeps the sinister surf rolling in before you get to the outro of ‘Devil Of Okasava‘, a sinister 30 seconds that brings the EP to a close.

Given the geographic distance between Turkey and the UK It can only be a coincidence that Rat Scabies, the notorious former stalwart of The Damned, recently released ‘Sparkle‘ with his new outfit, The Sinclairs, an album that taps into a similar vein. Diabolico Delirium is an EP that emerges from the ocean onto the shores of ‘Horror Beach‘, and if you liked the instrumentals of that name from the much missed Horrorpops then Diabolico Delirium is an essential addition to your playlist. The surf is clearly coming up on the European punk scene, just check what’s in the water first.

Diabolico Delirium” can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp here