EP Review: Makeshift – Remember The Feeling

  • Adam Pytro posted
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Remember The Feeling EP - Self-Released

Long Island quartet Makeshift return this week with their fourth record ‘Remember The Feeling’. Originally formed in 2012, the power-pop-rock outfit have been carving a line in honest, emotion – driven tunes and this EP showcases their developed, accomplished approach.

Across the 4 tracks, the textures and trappings of stylised sentiment are all there. Guitars chug and then chime alongside thumping drums and a reliable bass presence; there are surges in both tempo and dynamics; candid lyrics are delivered sincerely, and ruminate on the changing nature of life. It all comes together (slightly.. formulaically?) to create an effortless, but also undemanding listen.

Lead-off track ‘What’s Left Of Me’ is straight out of the Makeshift mould – carried along on a driving rhythm, guitar spikes punctuate blocky chords before the wind-down and release of the chorus: “It’s not the same as it used to be.. Can’t recognise what’s left of me..” followed by a neat breakdown, which builds into a finale of twin delivery, soaring harmonies. A proficient 3-minute archetype.

There’s certainly nothing to fault; this is a well-crafted, polished release. However, because the songwriting is *so* assured it perhaps lacks a little abrasion to the gloss, a bit of spontaneity, a touch of ‘makeshift’ spirit..

Like robust alt-rock with an earnest, reflective edge? ‘Remember The Feeling’ is available digitally via Bandcamp, or physically via the band’s website.

More Makeshift information, including upcoming tour dates, can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.