EP Review – SAAVIK – Self Titled

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SAAVIK - Other Electricities

Space Punk is a thing and we’re going to have to live with it. From the brutally distorted bass intro to He’s Dead Jim onwards, you should be in no doubt that SAAVIK are not mild-mannered sci-fi geeks living out some innocuous fantasy existence in Mum’s basement and greeting each other in Klingon. They may also be doing that, but what they’re mainly doing is manufacturing weapons grade industrial punk that is thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

There’s not much variety in the methodology. This EP details ” … the familiar story of a leader who’s lost their way. With heavy nods to the fantasy universes of Roddenberry and Lovecraft, this four-part narrative explores existential themes of abandonment, betrayal, assimilation, metamorphosis, and rebirth” in 23 minutes of really quite unsettling grinding, droning super-distorted rock. It’s the musical equivalent of the majestic and chilling approach of an alien battle cruiser. Slow to mid-tempo tracks, full of power and majesty. Not much good for dancing: quite the opposite – there’s a strong undercurrent of musical despair running through these songs. It’s more about feeling and texture rather than musicality.

The band comprises key members of the Miami Underground Scene, and its members (Didi Aragon – Bass, Beatriz Monteavaro – Drums, Gavin Perry – Guitars and Ryan Rivas – synths/vocals) are or have been involved in influential groups including Holly Hunt, Bleeth, Laboratory, Haochi, Beings, Cavity, and Floor.  They combine to form one massive machine, driven by the grinding, doomy bass and thundering drums. What vocals there are, are malevolent and angry. Layers of astral synths and huge slabs of pitiless guitar complete the sound.

This is not new or startling, nor is it easy listening. But it’s very affecting. No cartoon space characters, just a cold and powerful dose of heavy duty and abrasive doom-punk. In space, everyone can hear your rock.

SAAVIK‘s eponymous EP is out now on Other Electricities