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Sally Pepper

Real World - Horn And Hoof Records

The Blackpool based singer songwriter Sally Pepper has today revealed her seventh release in seven yearsthe three track Real World EP that is now available via Horn And Hoof Records. Her latest EP follows on from her 2017 single, Sepia, whilst this represents the longest gap between releases from Sally Pepper it’s certainly been worth the wait. Sally Pepper is a name that conjures up a number of possibilities, but the three tracks that populate the Real World EP still come as a surprise.

The opening track, Watch It Burn, is an incendiary anthem for our times, a love song for the end of the world, from this point the Real World EP steadily takes it’s foot off the gas as the tracks unfold, but there is more of an edge to the lyrics as the decibels decrease. The EP’s title track picks up the baton laid down by Watch It Burn and the final track, the venomous acoustic Feeding off Scraps, brings things to a close in what has been a perfectly sequenced collision of post punk, alternative, pop punk and outright pop.

There is an obvious pop sensibility that runs through the three tracks on Real World, not just pop punk but actual pop, but this is no horrific daughter of the Disney corporation, Sally Pepper embraces pop, rock and punk rock and twists the three strands together to her own design. The faintly baroque vocal style reminds me of a relaxed Danielle Dax who has embraced everything from Paramore and Fall Out Boy to New Model Army and Buzzcocks, the end result is an EP of perfect pop music that carries a razor sharp edge.

Sally Pepper will be be celebrating the release of the Real World EP with a free concert at The Blossoms in Stockport, UK tomorrow, April 6th, with support from Tio Rico, Crushed Veneer and The Crash MatsSally Pepper can be found on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Twitter

The Real World EP can be pre-ordered via Horn And Hood Records here