EP Review: Second Player Score – Four D: The Winter Suite

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Second Player Score

Four D: The Winter Suite - Self Released

Second Player Score are a self confessed nerd punk band out of Vancouver, WA who deliver hooky catchy pop punk that carries a distinct ’90s/’00s vibe, something that has seen them being described as having a sound that is truly unique, yet oddly familiar. Second Player Score have also become known for producing concept albums and adding multiple layers of creativity, including references to previous albums, easter eggs from other Second Player Score projects, additional companion pieces and nerdy nuances, that mean that you keep discovering new aspects to the music long after your first exposure. Now the nerd punks have released their brand new EP, “Four-D: The Winter Suite“, that is now available via digital platforms.
The opening in introduction might have led you to expect something along the lines of Weezer, The Aquabats or Nerf Herder, all unashamedly geeky punks, instead what you get smacked between the eyes with is ‘The Flow‘, full blooded punk rock that has more in common with late 90’s era The Offspring than it does with geek culture. Appropriately enough the next track is called ‘That Escalated Quickly‘, another hit of fist pumping punk rock that bleeds into the ska punk of ‘Winner Takes It All‘. The final cut on “Four-D: The Winter Suite” is ‘Dark Night Of The Soul‘ that takes the decibels down and revisits the kind of emotional power pop that Stiff Records would have killed to have released.
Four-D: The Winter Suite” is a surprise, and a welcome one at that, from the outset, maybe they frame it this way to throw you off balance, the ‘nerdy nuances’ described in the press release are lost on me as this is my first encounter with the band, but it won’t be my last if I have anything to do with it, this is smart melodic punk rock that comes from an unexpected angle. Whilst the album artwork for all of their releases, that are all available via their Bandcamp, certainly fly the geek flag high and proud, the soundtrack is a solid slab of punk rock that hits all of your good spots. The “Four-D: The Winter Suite” EP is now available for streaming and purchase via digital service providers including Amazon, BandcampSpotify & Apple.