EP Review: Authorities – Talk To Me/Just An Excuse

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The Authorities

Talk To Me/Just An Excuse - Die Laughing Records

Authorities released their first EP back in 1982, reside in California, and still have the hunger for making music that is nothing more than, say it as it is classic grass roots Punk.  It’s hard not to imagine them having influencing so many bands that have preceded them. So as the cliche goes “music to my ears”

The second you hear the simple non nonsense bass line and the Dead Kennedys soaked guitar riff, the machine gun drum slap you across the head and make you wanna go get into a mosh pit at the beginning of ‘Talk To Me’ it becomes so clear that this is gonna be the kind of Punk sound and attitude that changed the world back in the day.  A song that like the music, doesn’t try to be anything other than a slice of life in the real world, no political angst or cries for revolution here, just a personal moment in time, when the hormones take over.

Next, The Authorities do also have so much to say too, ‘Just An Excuse’ is the song for this, with the state of the world and in particular the U.S. at the moment, not having any reason other than the way you walk, the colour of your skin, the way you dress or just simply the fact you don’t fit into the box they want you in, the police/authorities use this to harass, molest and leave so much anger in their wake, the line “It’s a fucking cop, I tell him fuck off” says it all, a vicious spiralling of wrongs which is only ever gonna lead to a bad ending.

If you haven’t heard Authorities before then get your lugs round this EP, if you have and you have been waiting and wondering if they still have a reckoning in the world, then this EP proves they have.

Punk rock with no frills, and no fucking around!

Only criticism is, ONLY TWO SONGS!    hence the .5 deduction in rating 😉

Out Now on Die Laughing Records

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