EP Review: The Cola Heads – Die Young

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The Cola Heads

Die Young - Cursed Blessings Records

Toronto’s punk stalwarts The Cola Heads re-released their 2017 EP “Die Young” via Cursed Blessings Records just as 2020 was finally coming to an end, the release of “Die Young” originally followed on from their 2013 debut “The Cola Heads EP“, but that’s not where the story starts. The origins of The Cola Heads goes back to pre millennium days when the original incarnation of the band first started playing shows, supporting the likes of The Vindictives and The Vapids, prior to the band dissolving. Fast forward to 2013 when they reformed and revisited the raw charms of their youth, that resulted in the release of self titled EP, the almost inevitable line up changes followed, eventually leading to the “Die Young” EP.

The “Die Young!” was produced by Toronto’s Jon Drew, best known for his work with the likes of Fucked Up and Tokyo Police Club, kicking off with ‘New Sensation‘ it’s clear the adolescent frenzy of their debut has been tempered with a melodic touch, although they have retained the raw sound that characterised their self titled EP. ‘Bat Shit Crazy‘ keeps the energy flowing with an energetic pop punk on speed vibe, this is followed by the title track that carries a heavier sensibility. The “Die Young” EP bows out with ‘Separation‘, which brings a ragged garage punk element into the mix, complete with eerie keyboards, that completes a varied and energetic EP

Not as raw and immediate and their self titled EP, “Die Young” brings an air of maturity to their sound, an inevitably after more than two decades, growing old might suck but in the case of The Cola Heads it hasn’t reduced the energy or enthusiasm that is the trademark of youth. With The Cola Heads now embedded in their new home at Cursed Blessings Records they will be releasing a brand new full length record later this year, the future is not written, but in the case of The Cola Heads it will forever be indebted to their past. The “Die Young” EP is, not unlike the band itself, is getting a second lease of life, which is no bad thing.

The “Die Young” EP can be streamed and purchased here