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Turnstiles - Blow Torch Records

After a string of single releases, the best of this bunch being ‘Tantrum’ a song that coming just before the first lockdown, describing a place that many may have retreated to during the difficult lonely months, a musical safe place away from the hurt.

Now comes Turnstiles debut self titled four track EP, an EP that carries the banner of the bands live energy and captures it within these minimally over dubbed recordings, using all the angst and frustration that flows through the music to full effect, this shows immediately in ‘Something To Die For’, it kicks in with screeching guitars, thumping drum beats and then hits you with a vocal assault on the need to follow, the need to have a reason to be part of something, or is it the need to blame other for our actions.

‘Bleed’ on the other hand has such a personal message, bleeding out your soul into a song, a poem, whatever is needed to free the words, for no other reason than for yourself, this is accompanied by a maelstrom of musical moments, bass lines that push you along like your falling down a hill, with guitars that catch you with a web of distorted riffs before flinging you back down that hill, exhilarating.

What Turnstiles definitely have is a sense of knowing themselves, this EP falls perfectly into the category of, not taking influence and copying it, instead creating a sound of there own that has developed with the building blocks of Punk/Alternative/Rock, the sum of these parts, but not a direct mimic.

To this end both ‘In A State’ and ‘Omniscient Delusion’ both could if you go looking for it be likened to Joy Division or Gang Of Four respectively, this for all those who need comparisons is as far as I would be willing to go on this matter.  Both songs again take on social and political issues, to which they are both a party to each other.

Wonderfully original, never lacking in comment, with all the musical attitude of a band that could scare you into being, just being!

The Band are

Drums: Luke Mulliez
Bass: Jake Tiernan
Guitars: Cillian Ryan, Colm Sweeney
Vocals: Callum Mitchell

Out Now Via Blowtorch Records

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