EP Review: Urban Outfielders – Out Of This World

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Urban Outfielders

Out Of This World - Hidden Home Records

Before I start reviewing Out Of This World, the latest EP from baseball punks Urban Outfielders, I have to admit that I do not have a single clue about baseball, other than seeing references in American TV shows I know nothing about this so I’m stepping up to the plate (thank you to The Simpsons for that one) without knowing the rules. Secondly I apologise for inevitably getting the baseball references all wrong, but apparently it’s the taking part that counts so it’s on with the latest EP from the self proclaimed “best baseball team in the whole wide world”.

Urban Outfielders are back with four new songs that are of course about baseball and everything associated with it, they could be making this up for all I know but I’ll just have to take their word for it. Out Of This World is raw punk rock that’s more akin to the likes of Aerial Salad or Red City Radio rather than the Ramones, who seem to be a standard reference point in baseball themed punk releases, influences of their last full length. This is a four track EP whose sporting references are completely lost on me, but I know a good EP of punk rock when I hear it, and that’s exactly what Out Of This World is.

What let their debut album down was the somewhat muddy production that gave their initial full length the feel of a rough demo tape, something that took the edge off their punk rock fuelled obsessive take on baseball. With their 2018 full length, Two Outs!!, and the Out Of This World EP the Urban Outfielders have addressed that issue, it’s still raw punk rock but everything is sharper, the difference is the same as the gulf between watching a game in freezing cold whilst trying to get some feeling stamped back into your feet and one that takes place in the sun whilst clutching an ice cold beer.
Out Of This World will be released on April 19th via Hidden Home Records and can be pre-ordered here.