Evanescence – The Open Door

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The Open Door - Wind-Up Records

The first time I heard tracks from this new CD was at a listening party at the New City Likid Lounge. Wind-Up Records was there, introducing us to a selection (six) of the songs from the upcoming record. They threw it on as everyone there chatted, had some drinks and ate a little bit. It was a nice little introduction to The Open Door; my friends and I discussed the tracks a bit, noting the ups and downs of the album and I left with a tinge of curiosity as to what the album would sound like when I sat down and actually listened to it front to back. Sadly, when I finally did, it didn’t live up to my expectations.

You see, on The Open DoorEvanescence seems to have lost the rock edge that made Fallen memorable and enjoyable. While yes, Fallen did have a few slower songs (My Immortal being the biggest, which charted in both rock and AC charts) but they just helped pad out the album. They helped smooth the edges of the heavier sound, where as The Open Doors sees Amy Lee and her band go in the opposite direction. Instead of the slower, more mellow adult contemporary tracks rounding off the album at key intersections, they’ve stepped up and taken the forefront of the album leaving the heavier tunes in the background.

This becomes disappointing very quickly, because throughout the album you can hear the heavier, rock-oriented side of the group trying to come out but being stifled instead. There are still the rock elements, heavy guitar riffs layered with distortion and some great breakdowns (listen to Cloud Nine for a solid breakdown) but the album is still hindered by Amy Lee not using her vocals to the best of her ability. She seems to be self-indulging herself her, showing off how well she can extenuate her vocals and really stretch them out which, at times, fails to match the melody of the music completely. I can’t help but feel that The Open Door needs another set of vocals to help contrast Lee’s soaring pipes, like they did with their hit single Bring Me To Life back in 2003.

The Open Door has promise, but it just doesn’t have that same kick that Fallen had. The songs mold into each other way too much, and at over fifty minutes, The Open Door gets really long. really fast. It’s good to have in the background, while you’re sitting around with friends and talking about random things, it’s good a few songs at a time; but to just sit and listen to the album, that can become tiresome. They just went for too many slower tracks.