Everytime I Die – Hot Damn!

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Everytime I Die

Hot Damn! - Ferret Music

Not for me. That’s the simple way of putting it. I find this record hard to listen through, and it has nothing to due with their musical ability. The music on this album is up to par. The lyrics are probably some of the best i’ve seen around for a long time. But to me, I don’t like the way the music is presented. It’s a lot of screaming and noise, and not much structure. To some this may seem like an ignnorant statement, and I won’t disagree with you. I have nothing against the band at all, and I can see why people like them. It’s just not for me.

Lyrically I love this album. I can read through the lyrics booklet for hours. It isn’t just words put together to rhyme and sound pretty. They’re thought out stories, well written and structured. For that, the album gets a higher rating than what I would’ve given it.

There is one song on the album that sticks out to me. And it’s the one with not much vocal. In The Event That Everything Should Go Terribly Wrong is a mostly instrumental song, and well, I just enjoy it. It shows a different side to the band that all the other songs don’t show.

So basically I love the lyrics, enjoy the instrumental, I can totally see the appeal of everything Everytime I Die have to offer. It’s just not for me. If you like this style of music go to the Ferret Records site or the bands official site and check them out, you’ll probably enjoy them more than me.