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Frenzal Rhomb

Sans Souci - Fat Wreck Chords

This four piece punk rock band from Australia has a sound that is so unique to themselves, I can not think of one band that comes near to it. And I know a fair amount of bands (not nearly all, but a lot). The musical talent by this band is very good. Steady drum rolls, nice melodic guitar melodies, all mixing in to make one awesome song. The vocals though, are the major standout of this entire album. The Australian accent gives Jay (the vocalist) a little extra push to their originality. They are also constantly in perfect rendition with the tune in the background. Lyrically, this is a band that doesn’t care what people say or think. Especially what parents think or say. Feeling their songs with a comedic little touch through their lyrics grabs your attention quite quickly. Whether its the opening track, Stand Up & Be Cunted or the second last one, All The Kids Are Having Kids, you can almost always expect to hear some foul language or hilarious vocals.

The fifth track on their album, Bucket Bong, is the first single of their album. And in all honesty, I believe it was an awful choice for a single. I wouldn’t say it’s the worst song on the album, but by no means the best. It is all about a girl who only wants to get with a guy because he has drugs. The next song, Looking Good, is a song I do thoroughly enjoy. It starts off with a sound somewhat to a western sound (that’s the best way I can think to describe it). It is a slower song then most of the album, with some nice little background vocals added in to smooth it all out. This song is about someone who is looking at 20 years in jail.

Lead Poison Jean is another song which really stands out. It starts off very fast, with an amazing drum melody mixed with guitar riffs. The chorus slows down a lot, just to a single bass and nice little soft vocals. Lyrically, the song is about a girl who is different because she has lead poisoning. The parents finally figure it out and sue a huge company and the family becomes extremely rich. The song does stand out a lot, but isn’t the number one track. Next we come upon Who’d Be A Cop? This song I really really like. A fast paced punk rock song, making fun of cops. It lists many reasons why someone would decide to become a cop. It is just a good old punk rawk song.

Now tracks 13 to 15 are all tracks which I love. The first of the 3, 60, Beautiful & Mine, is a fast paced song which a hard drum beat for most of it. Once again the vocals stand out. Singing about a guy who is in love with a woman, who is 60, then she turns 75, then 90 and then is dead, but all the time he still loves her. It is somewhat deranged some of the vocals, but still an incredibly good song. I Went Out With AHippy & Now I Love Everyone Except For Her was the very first song I heard of the album (I got it of Fat Wreck Chords‘ official site). The lyrics are easy to guess just by the title. It goes through all the things he did with a hippy and some old times with “her”. Next we come up to All The Kids Are Having Kids, a short song only lasting 1:51, a fast song, and as you can guess, its about teens having kids. It is a funny song and shows you some differences in what the band can do.

Overall, this is another good release by Fat Wreck, not their best one, nor will it ever be a classic, but still good. Other standout tracks would be You’ll Go to Jail and Greyhound.