Gibby Haynes And His Problem – Self Titled

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Gibby Haynes And His Problem

Self titled - Surfdog Records

I’m part of the new school punk rock wave. Like many youngsters, I was brought into the scene by bands like Blink182, Green Day and Sum41 (all of which are still some of my favorite bands). So when I heard Gibby Haynes had a side project, I really could care less because in all honesty, I had no idea whatsoever who the guy was. After a little research, it turns out he was the singer for theButthole Surfers. Now that doesn’t help me much, for although I know who The Butthole Surfers are, I have never heard a single song by them.So really I have no previous connection with Gibby Haynes, no prior introduction or any former knowledge on him. My first introduction was with the self-titled release of his side project, Gibby Haynes And His Problem, and it didn’t leave a lasting impression.

First off, the artwork is strangely disturbing and indecipherable, as is most of the actual album. The twelve songs follow no real structure and seem to bounce all over in a non coherent fashion. Psychedelic, futuristic melodies topped off with ramblings that, at times, make no sense what so ever. There are a few songs on here that beg to be heard, like Superman (about hanging out and getting high with the s-man) or the more sing-along punk song 15000. Then on the other hand, there are much more songs that beg to be skipped, like the eight minute I Need Some Help. The oddly psychedelic, robotic sounds are just plain weird. They aren’t repetitive in anyway or sound like any of project out there, but maybe there’s a reason for that. Because at times, you can’t reach the skip button fast enough.

Gibby Haynes And His Problem was probably a bad first introduction to Mr. Haynes. It doesn’t make you want to hear more of his stuff, but rather gets you wanting to skip through the current album as fast as possible. I will check out the Butthole Surfers sooner or later because everyone says they are so good, and maybe huge fans of his former band will fall for this project; but then again, how would I know?