Goddamnit – All This Time Is Yours Now

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All This Time Is Yours Now - Sell The Heart Records/Creep Records

Goddamnit have always been up there in my list of bands worthy of listening to with the likes of Jawbreaker when it comes to hardcore cross over punk, with a melodic yet still retaining the hardcore elements sound, that make them stand out. 

This latest album comes in (if memory serves me right) 5 or so years after their last full length album, but hey, if you wanna do things right, you need to be patient and play music ij your own way, this is definitely the mantra this band seem to stick to.  ‘All This Time Is Yours Now’ takes the world in its stride, it on the surface it has plenty of looking at inward at how life treats you, and in this particular time in history, that is something had one way or another has touched us all.  ‘Totally Undone’ sets the tone in a pretty infactic way for the first half of the album, the slow yet powerful energy that flows here, is something that defines this, a vocal assault on your core being.

Although the delivery is so much more intense with Goddamnit, the Jawbreaker connection is one that never really leaves you throughout the life of this band, a song like ‘Rust Between The Years’ which was released early as a single, has all the familiar traits that just work, a beat that feels just that tiny bit slower than the whole, but this works in a perfect punk way, it strikes of DIY garage punk yet gives so much more.  

‘Pieces Left’ has to be the stand out of this album, if only for its totally left field sound, when in comparison to all that surrounds it, with its anthemic stand point, its huge riffs and neat little licks, it just changes the whole dynamic of the album from that point on, the mist lifts and the energy outweighs the dark clouds that envelope the early songs.

If you had to be very very critical (which I never really want to be, doesn’t suit my makeup), it is as mentioned earlier, an album of two halves, the second being by far the more upbeat and fight the fight, the first a little hard digest, yet has its place.

Hardcore that has a soft core after all, an album you will love or hate, not for all, but for the some, it’s worth the listening journey.  Anthems and Anti Anthems all wrapped up with love.

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