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Greeley Estates

Far From The Lies - Record Collection

It’s kind of funny that I have so many stories to tell about a band I really don’t like. I could talk about how Greeley Estates cancelled their Canadian tour because they couldn’t handle the Canadian winter, but of course I only found that out once I was at the venue and no one was there. I could talk about the slutty “fans” that I talked about in my review for their EP or maybe I could talk about my reaction once I found out what Caveat Emptor meant a week after I reviewed the album (by the way, it means “let the buyer beware” which is an appropriate name for that abomination of an EP). Somehow, I’m still happy with all these stories because it puts the band under a somewhat negative spotlight – and that suits me just fine. But now with their new album, Far From The Lies, I can actually say some positive things when I talk about the band to friends, although, you know, not many.

When it all comes down to it, Far From The Lies is still a generic emo/screamo band with nothing on it that makes it stick out amongst the overflowing genre. The screaming vocals become annoying and ruin most of the songs, which is a shame, because as I said about their EP, the singer has a good voice when he sings (although that too would be boring for an entire album). When they mix it up, with songs like the piano laced Secret, you see the band has some skill, but the album as a whole fails to entertain.

Still, it is the lyrics of the songs which are both the worst and the best things of the entire album. Because on one side, they have the terrible “I’m so sad, but girlfriend left me” and blood, death and revenge songs like Too Much CSI where they spout out I’m holding on for me revenge, cuz if I die tonight then you get away, the pain is not the issue, just think of what I’ll do to you. And then, in a complete turn around, they have a song like Believe The Lies on it, a powerful song with great lyrics like We’re told that there is nothing sacred about the life we have, what will it take for us to see beyond our circumstance? If all we are is a mistake, then what’s the point in all of this? We won’t believe the lies they are telling. Or songs like This Moment that tells the listener to live for the moment and take the chance instead of letting it pass by.

Sadly, I wouldn’t recommend this album to anyone. It would be a pretty decent EP, way better than Caveat Emptor, if they just took four or five of the songs and released them on one disc.But as it is, those five songs are overshadowed by the other seven or eight horrible tracks. So just go and download Life Is A Garden, Believe The Lies, Secret, This Moment and Through Waiting and then you’ll have the highlights of the album, the rest is just painful.