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Happy People - Epitaph Records

Greer are a four piece power-pop band from Orange County USA, having only been around the scene for something like two years, or at least this is what appears to be the case (not a lot of info in this area), having already released the EP Lullaby For You around 18 months ago, its safe to say they have pushed on and created themselves a following, being on the Epitaph roster is no meant feat for a relatively new young band.

The Happy People EP which is out on 5th November via Epitaph, throws us into a world of what I would refer to as sunshine pop, sung with a vocal equivalent of “honey and smiles”, yet Greer are so much more than this, the angst that has been hidden away so well, can be picked up on in the lyrical content. The title track is first up and it begins with a wistfully infectious riff that is complimented by that sweet vocal, but where Greer score points, is how the edginess of distorted guitar and bass builds just as the muted anger within the lyric throws itself at the listener, a dark song that is held back just enough to show, that as the song was written darkness can be reflected upon and dealt with.

So where do we go with Greer?

The fact that Epitaph have faith in the band says a lot already, this EP feels like just the start, songs that have musical beauty, ‘Little Echo’ with its killer melodies, ‘Way Out’ has sharp choppy beats that are smothered in those cools riffs and then ‘Connect The Dots’ heads of on a dream like wandering, yet grounds itself with powerful spotlight moments.  Amongst all the softness though, are lyrics that reflect, speak truths and never shy away from showing emotion.

An all together laid back sound that belies the reality of the words spoken.

This band have a long journey ahead of them and this EP is a great start.

Head on over to Greer’s Website for lots of info.

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