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Fever Dream - Pure Noise Records

First of all, can I take this moment to apologise (yes I said apologise) I don’t do this often, so take it whilst you can.  Two reasons, first is for seeing this bands name and building a stereotype in my head (for which I am truly sorry), and secondly for being a bit late for the bus on this one, being that it was released back on the 17th June via Pure Noise Records.

So Grumpster, no not at all grumpy mother fuckers, actually upbeat early Tsumani Bomb sprung to mind as soon as the title track Fever Dream hit the my ears, an East Bay sound that’s punctuated by something extra, a rock edge hangs around in the background, which fits Donnie Walsh’s vocal perfectly, a blend of pop and punk that airs on the punk but can be so beautiful at the same time.

This is the bands second album, but a debut on Pure Noise that sets them up for a whole lot of future I’d like to hope.  Songs and sounds that spark the 90’s punk back into life, yet still thrash the hell out of the 2020’s like it needs to be thrashed.  Every song on this album holds its own so well, this isn’t a story being told, or a boring collection of songs that just exist, ‘Better Than Dead’ being a vocally stunning song, that has a dark side hidden within, ‘Picture’ gives off a heavier vibe musically yet is still as upbeat as hell, a break up song that doesn’t spend time dwelling to much on dwelling.

Slap bang in the middle of the album we come across the acoustic track (its a thing I love by the way, stripped back and brilliant songs) ‘Vicious’ a not so vicious song in its catchy and melodic hooks, but very vicious in its attack on how depression can bite, a moment of thought to set you on your way through an album that does seem too take a long hard look into relationships and how they can mess with your head, ‘Looking Good’ and ‘Enjoy While It Lasts’ drag this line, then your hit with ‘Mirrors’ a full on fest of punk power chords and heavy drum beats which very almost expands into a full on instrumental until Donnie snaps it right back with a verse or two that just slide into place brilliantly.

The album sadly comes to an end with final songs ‘I Wouldn’t Dream Of It’ which is possibly the saddest song on the album yet it still doesn’t feel that way, then lands ‘Spiders’ which is definitely the darkest song we come across (just glad its at the end), although it somehow also has to be one of the stand outs too, its by this point in the 10 tracks that you come to realise something that from the offset your not totally aware of, this is a very dark and self reflecting album, a look at depression and how to either deal with or not as the case may be, all wrapped up in an upbeat wonderment of musical and vocal loveliness.

Go buy, go listen to it, go forward and enjoy your life, because it actually may not be all that bad after all, especcially when music like this exists to carry you through. One to watch is no understatement.

Go get your grubby mitts on this stunningly evocative album at PURE NOISE RECODS (USA) (UK/EU)

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Have a wonderful life and enjoy your music………….