Honah Lee – Life Won’t Let Me

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Honah Lee

Life Won't Let Me - Good Time Gang Recordings

New Jersey pop-punk outfit Honah Lee knows the ropes and sings along accordingly.  Crisp, snotty pop-punk that isn’t afraid to dabble in big choruses or full bodied guitar solos make Life Won’t Let Me fun from the start.  Making good on the promise of catchy three-chord numbers, all nine tracks make this a quick twenty-seven minutes with little scheduled downtime. 

If the name Honah Lee doesn’t do anything for you now, then surely it will after even the first few songs.  Opener “Don’t Be Me” kicks off with a host of harmonies and upbeat guitar licks that should have fans of Houseboat or The Challenged bobbing their heads along in approval.  “Leave It To My Goddamn Brain” throws in a mix of Hoh’s nasally vocals with a careful chorus of backing voices and sweeping melodic arcs. 

Careful to supply variety where it’s needed, “Girls” strengthens the tone with altogether edgier execution and in your face attitude, seconded by a rock star’s chorus a song later in “Bobby’s Dead.”  While this might be born from the same three chord pop-punk as The Ramones or Screeching Weasel, these songs harden when they need to.  Especially when it comes time for a solo, Honah Lee can really crank their gears.  Take the final finger-happy moments of “Happy Birthday Dad” along with the striking band-wide “woahs” that follow in its wake. 

At times they mellow out like in “Come On, Let’s Go,” but while the change in pace is welcome, they come off sounding like less enticing version of Weezer.  Thankfully this is a brief diversion and then its back on track.

On some levels Life Won’t Let Me is pretty common stuff in the realm of pop-punk, but a sharp execution tongue prevents them from entering repetitive territory.  Boasting a handful of memorable tracks punctuated by some fun moments, Honah Lee is the type of no brainer you’ve come to expect from New Jersey.  A solid choice for anyone looking to round out their pop-punk playlists.